Why I Love My 1994 Ford Mustang

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Why I Love My 1994 Ford Mustang

This month, Sheryl shares why she loves her 1994 Ford Mustang – and it only cost her $35!.

Why do you own a Ford?

I won my 1994 Ford Mustang through a car draw and my father always owned a Ford so I was around the brand growing up.

How many Ford vehicles have you owned/leased in your lifetime?

This is my first Ford vehicle, however, my husband has owned 3 Fords – his current F-150 being his favourite.

Which vehicle was your favourite and why?

My current Mustang is my favourite because of the unique colour.

Why is your current Ford best suited for your lifestyle?

My Mustang is my summer car and I still get excited every spring when it is time to get it out again.

What is your favourite feature of your current vehicle?

I like the colour, the size and that it is standard.

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